Moving forward with your job search and career during the coronavirus.

  • Map out your career plan for the next year. Do you want to make a career change? Land a promotion? Shift to a different role within your organization? Start your own business? A career plan can help you to visualize your path and determine your next steps.
  • Rewrite your resume so it’s tailored to your career plan. Emphasize the experience and qualifications you have that relate to your plan, and make sure all of the sections are up to date.
  • Create a list of target companies you’d love to work for. This is a good time to critically think about whether you’d like to work for a startup or small- to medium-size company, or a larger corporation. There’s no right answer!
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to match. Your LinkedIn profile is the way you present yourself to the business world. Along with having a fully-fleshed out profile and professional photo, rework the sections so they better align with your career plan.
  • Build up your contacts and network as much as you can. For example, if you’re in sales, you could send handy WFH tips to your clients to keep them close while work is slow. Or, you could set up a virtual coffee date with a mentor or that industry leader you’ve been trying to pin down for a while! With everyone stuck at home, the need for social interaction is at an all-time high.
  • Upskill or learn a new skill. Whether you want to learn how to code or set up a business, there are tons of online courses that can help. There are some great courses available on LinkedIn Learning or the likes of Skills Share or Tablet Wise.
  • Learn about the crucial first step you’ve been ignoring that will *finally* put you on a clear road to a job you love.
  • Branch out beyond job boards and discover another, easier way to locate awesome positions with less competition.
  • Design a step-by-step plan to make your short and long-term career goals a reality faster.
  • Get access to case studies and practical tips on best job search practices, little-known mistakes to avoid, and how to navigate LinkedIn like a STAR.



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Adele Leah

Adele Leah

Career Coach, Slayer of limiting beliefs — Believer in you deserving MORE — Advocate of ‘I LOVE MY JOB’ — Find your passion and purpose and land a job you love.